Why rent from us?


Nippy Turtle is a British owned, managed and run family business. The company was formed due to a need for reliable and trusted car hire in the Paphos area. We believe communication with customers is of paramount importance in many ways. We can tailor and advise on the best method to hire your car and structure a bespoke rental agreement. We do not surprise you with extra hidden charges, there are 2 options regarding insurance either standard insurance with a deductible or zero excess insurance no deductible.


We offer a very efficient and hassle free meet and greet service at Paphos Airport, our representative will meet you in the arrivals hall holding a name board.This method sets us apart from our competitors meaning there is no lengthy waiting and queuing in the arrivals hall for your car. You are either collected or shown to your car at the terminal right outside of the arrivals hall doors this means no minibus rides or bus journeys. This process takes a matter of minutes. When you visit airports as much as us and see lengthy queues, and people waiting for up to an hour after a long flight we realised this was an essential part of our service.

Our delivery service is equally as effective with a realisation for a local company to provide a reliable drop off service. You can call us from your hotel/villa and if we have a car available we will drop it to you normally in an hour. Yet again with the heat and unfamiliar surroundings and children it can be tiring walking around looking for a reliable car hire company.


We are one of the only if not the only local car hire company to be able to rent cars for single days, with popular requests for 2 and 3 day rentals. We are flexible on dates and times for this service however we cannot accept online bookings for short term rentals. The price is also more expensive to hire a car for single days but equally cheaper than hiring a quad/buggy.


Our vehicles are sourced from the UK and have the correct initial service and any follow up servicing completed. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced by our own independent UK qualified mechanics. By law they are MOT every year, insured with the Cyprus official car rental scheme, and registered with the department of transport as an official authorised licenced rental car.

Driving in Cyprus – Car Safety Law in Paphos and Cyprus

Car safety in Cyprus

Car and road rules need to be adhered to in any country that you want to legally be allowed to use a vehicle, so it is well worth reading up in some of the particular rules that Cyprus has compared to your own country.

If you are from the UK it is likely that you will feel right at home in Cyprus as the legacy of the colonial past has left a mark on the Cypriot legal system and most of the UK rules of the road are adhered to in Cyprus. It is however useful to ensure that you understand the nuances of each country that you travel in when you are hiring a car in Paphos.

The main Cyprus highway codes that you need to be aware of:

The minimum age at which an applicant can receive a learner permit is 17.5.
Drive on the left in Cyprus (as in the UK, unlike the rest of western Europe)
Permit holders must be 18 years of age to legally drive.
General safety and child passengers:

Seat belts for driver and passengers are compulsory.
Children from five to ten years of age may occupy the front passenger seat provided a child’s seat belt has been fitted.
It is obligatory for all children under the age of five to sit in the back, strapped into a proper child car seat.
Child seats are required up to the age of 12 or a height of 150cm.
Smoking in a vehicle which is carrying a passenger under the age of 16 is prohibited.
Sounding your horn near a hospital is forbidden at any time.
Horns should not be used between 22:00-06:00.
Motorcycle/moped/scooter passengers must be over the age of 12 and sit astride the seat.
Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited unless using a “hands-free” unit.
Motorcyclists and passengers must wear a crash helmet.
Road signs and other information:

Road signs are in English and Greek, and occasionally in Turkish.
Distances are marked in kilometres.
Road speeds are marked in kilometres per hour (Km/h).
All roads on the entire island are toll free.
Third party liability insurance is obligatory.
Emergency numbers:

For emergency assistance call 112 or 199